Youtube- Coming to a Home Theater near you. But do we care?

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Ever have the desire to watch Hamster on a Piano, Planet Unicorn, Sassy Gay Friend, or Dramatic Prairie Dog on your big flat screen plasma television? No? Well, Youtube along with their parent company Google and the folks at Dish Network think maybe you’ll warm up to the idea. The web and entertainment superpowers are currently developing a set top box that operates Android style to integrate web videos from Youtube with your regularly scheduled programming. In typical Google fashion, the details are vague enough to frustrate you but just juicy enough to keep you waiting for the big reveal.

I have dug up some details given about the new product that may or may not pique your interest. The magic  box is rumored to be user controlled by a keyboard that can zap YouTube Videos straight into your television set.  Google and Dish Networks teaming will allow users of the Droid type box to thumb through video content from Dish and YouTube, as well as personalize video play lists. Kinks regarding ad content and paid subscriptions have yet to be ironed out, but I’m confident that they’ll figure out the revenue part of this little puppy long before it launches. Pairing with Dish helps Youtube reach the company’s $11 million subscribers, but there are whispers that Google may even have units in the works that employ Android technology and could be available to the masses. Goggle is taking a page from the book of  it’s other tech competitors like Apple.

So what is your problem? You don’t seem very excited about this news. Would it have anything to do with the re-birth of Tivo that promises to do what Google does but they can make it happen today? Or is it that you, like myself, don’t necessarily want to see crappy quality web videos on a high quality television?  Or are you actually secretly thrilled about Google’s latest media creation?

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