YouTube beefs up analytics tools for brandcasting online.

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In a recent announcement, Youtube is rolling out Youtube Insight a free reporting tool for users, advertisers and content partners who have a valid Youtube account. This interactive solution allows greater insight and information related to individual videos that are uploaded. This is good news for viral marketing and anyone trying to brand their company on Youtube. This analytics tool allows any Youtube account member to view data for any video in a slick interactive timeline and mapping format that’s intuitive and powerful. I like the fact that when you move the slider on the timeline, the information updates simultaneously on the map. Pretty cool. Statistic freaks will love that you can view data for total views, links and audience stats with the click of a button. As the creator or author of a video, you can also opt to hide this information from viewers if, say, you were launching an ad campaign and didn’t want your competition to see the results. But then again, why would you do that? Why not let your competition drool over how many hits you got and how your offline campaign boosted your viewership. Then again, if you aren’t confident that the masses will flock to your video, you may want to switch your vid to privacy mode by unchecking the button for “Make statistics and data for my videos plublicly visible by default” in the sharing and privacy section of your account information. To look under the hood and see all the bells and whistles, just click on “about this video” button under My Account > Videos, Favorites, Playlists > Manage my Videos. Happy brandcasting.

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