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Ball of confusion, that’s what the world is today. Hey. Hey.”   – The Temptations.

The new health care package, the lady from eBay who wants to be governor, the gravity defying awesomeness that is Justin Bieber’s hair are all things I really do not understand. In fact, at the risk of sounding like Ed Anger or Andy Rooney, there’s a bunch of things I don’t understand.  So thank God for the omnipresence of Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook in my life. Without social media’s guiding light, I would truly be clueless.

Like, did you know there’s a Broadway musical based on Green Day’s album American Idiot? This is not only noteworthy because the sheer existence of such an idea could really mean the simultaneous death of both American musicals and popular music, but because social media is being used to lure in ticket buyers and musical fans alike. Launching in a huge four page ad in Rolling Stone featuring the band, Motorolla’s Cliq XT with Motoblur this advert is  jam packed with musical amazement and rock and roll chic. By using Motoblur which crams all of your social media destinations into a tidy little screen at one time, people curious in this odd theatrical moment can get all the interviews, backstage photos, and tour dates they can handle.

On other social media fronts, our confusions about Twitter ‘s future were put to rest. After months of  hater-licious headlines decrying the Tweetaissance as completely over, Twitter proved that they are all grown up and ready to play with the big boys. Not only was the much griped about Twitter advertising program revealed, but the Little Birdie That Could also held a week long  developer conference in San Francisco called Chirp. Twitter also announced their geolocation plot to give Gowalla a run for their money as well as @anywhere, which allows web access to Twitter from elsewhere on the Web.  Twitter is very much in the game and continues to provide new marketing opportunities for small businesses.  This all means that I can breathe easier knowing that I still have my safe place where I can share intimate parts of my soul with the world”¦ like what kind of laundry detergent I like or that I’m craving tacos. (@peachmahoney in case you’re curious)

Finally, Myspace announced a new social calendar called Myspace Events that may help further eliminate confusion. Myspace is playing to its strength as a heavy duty forum where millions of musicians and invitations are handled easier than on any other site. The good news for marketers here is that Myspace has  calendar advertising options galore, another thing Myspace has always kicked booty at.

So that’s it, my Brandsplatees. Next week, I’m sure there will be another confounding  social media marketing scheme using retinal scanning and boxtops from cereal, but until then rap on, rap on brother, rap on.

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