Your Blog & Your Tweets Should be BFFs

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Much like Bert & Ernie, Paris & Nicole, Laverne & Shirley and Scooby & Shaggy, your blog and your Twitter account should be inseparable besties. There’s no reason your blogging efforts and tweets shouldn’t work together. So how do get our tweets and blogs to be the happy couple they were destined to be?

The easy answer is that each time we write a new blog, we send a new Tweet complete with a link to said genius blog. Sure, we all love spending time on Twitter telling the world about the life-changing butternut squash soup we just slurped down and we should continue to share these revelations. But in between these earth-shattering discoveries, why not infuse our tweets with links to get folks to come and check out our blog?

An elementary place to start with is teasing the title of your blog in your tweets. Simple stuff, right? Soon you can develop a pretty standard routine of updating your blog followed by a series of “hey, check this out!” tweets. But it doesn’t stop there. After you’ve tweeted about the latest news in your industry, you’ve essentially set yourself up with topics for your next round of blogs.

Twitter is a great friend for your blog to have for several reasons; the biggest is increasing your audience. Twitter daily opens the doors to blogs and websites that would have never been previously discovered. Through tweeting for clients and for ourselves, we’re constantly surprised at the amazing blogs and resources that can be found. Sure there are a billion “acai super diets” and “make a million dollars from your bathroom” links but there’s a great deal of legitimate bloggers with well-written blogs to be found, too. We recently heard the word “curating” applied in reference to blogs and social media and we like that. Think of the content on both your blog and Twitter account to be part of an exhibit of your brand and your story. With thoughtful curating and updating, your blog and tweets could have a beautiful friendship.

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