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Maybe teens are too cool for it. Perhaps some brands have turned up their noses. But the truth is this: Facebook is still a really powerful tool. The platform is ever-evolving. Campaigns are now formulated and carried out differently than they once were back when Facebook was the golden child of social media marketing. But one thing remains the same: Facebook for business is fantastic for blog marketing.

The disconnect between Facebook and your blog can be easy to miss. If both channels are busy, they may never intersect, which is too bad since your blog is the kind of thing perfect for Facebook posts. Facebookers like brands with unique content and blogs are an easy way to deliver precisely that. If, however, neither channel is getting any action, linking the two is an even better way to give both your Facebook page and your blog a shot in the arm.

This all sounds very easy, yet you would be astonished at the brands that don’t post links to their blogs on Facebook. It’s as if they don’t see how easy making them work together truly is. Southwest Airlines, a company we routinely applaud in these pages for amazing online marketing prowess, is great at posting YouTube clips from its channel and interesting posts from its renowned blog on Facebook. The company clearly sees the value of creating a digital marketing presence.

The best part of Facebooking a blog post is that it is ridiculously easy. How easy? I clocked less than 30 seconds to link a new post to a client’s Like page earlier today. New posts are ideal, but there’s no law saying you can’t put an “oldie but goodie” blog post on your page — especially if it was one that didn’t get much play the first go ’round.

Oh, but the easy, breezy marriage of Facebook and blogging does not end there, folks. You can in mere moments put a Facebook widget on your blog’s page to get readers to become fans.

If your blog and Facebook page are not linked together, please, man! Go do it! Now. After all, even though many may be “over” or “too cool” for Facebook, sticking your blog in front of 2 billion people is kind of a no-brainer.

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