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The art of blog creation is always evolving. Beyond posts that sell your brand, way past posts of crazy videos and even further past posts with incredible images lives infinite possibilities for your blog. Our blogs need content, so why not burst outside of the bubble and use it a variety of ways? Here are six other ways your blog can serve you and your company:

Blog as PR Maven: Blogs make great places to house press releases, articles, interviews and official statements for your company. Not only do publicity-based posts solve a content crisis, they also direct members of the media to your website. Brilliant.

Blog as Bulletin Board: Changes in hours? New location? New staff? Hiring new staff members? Return of beloved product? Use blog posts to give the skinny on all the happenings at your business. Encourage employees and customers alike to visit your blog for the newest information on your business. 

Blog as Polling Place: Polls are increasingly simple to post to blogs and, with the cooperation of social media, can be popular and fun ways to gather market research and opinions from your customers.

Blog as Bookseller: If you’re in the advice/how-to business, blogs are a terrific place to push your e-book. Same goes for romance novelists, travel writers, poets and sci-fi authors with tomes to promote. Publishing excerpts, hosting book giveaways and posting reviews are just a couple of ways your blog can help you have a bestseller.

Blog as Catalog: For e-commerce companies, blogs can double as online catalogs. With more room for more copy and bigger images than your online store, blogs can profile products like shoes, furniture and gift items with stunning detail.

Blog as Employee Hub: Big companies like airlines, soda makers and toy companies alike are using inner-company blogs for their employees to help train one another, share experiences and problem solve. Why stop there, though? Industry videos, live feed from conferences, interviews with employees and tutorials all make for terrific inner-office blog posts.

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