You scream. I scream. Social networking screams for”¦Coolhaus.

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Move over Kogi Korean BBQ truck, you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame. Make way for the Coolhaus ice cream truck now appearing on Twitter. Well, the truth is Kogi and Coolhaus appear to have some sort of kinship as they can be spotted parked very near each other on any given night. And they both use social networking and micro-blogging to alert their hungry fans. Remember when ice cream trucks advertised locally by broadcasting clown music as they drove down the street. You can thank twitter for silencing the clown music. Anyway, Coolhaus offers designer-like ice cream sandwiches that pair perfectly with Korean short rib tacos. You can’t miss the Coolhaus truck; it’s a stainless steel beauty that looks like it had another life as a mailman truck. It’s very stylish, just like their handsome handmade ice cream sandwiches. These frozen masterpieces are just the thing on a hot summer night in LA. Just think of all the napkins Angelinos will need with Koji and Coolhaus cruising their neighborhoods. You know, if I had my druthers, I would start a mobile wet wipe service and trail both trucks. I’m not kidding. Don’t be surprised if you see me driving the official “mobilewetwipes†Prius in a neighborhood near you. And any investors out there who want in, I’m currently taking applications.

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