You Like it on Facebook… But Do You Like it in Real Life?

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I’ve often wondered as I’m scanning my Facebook news feed and I read earth-shattering posts like “Amber likes Diet Snapple,” does she really? I mean, Amber might “like” it on Facebook, but does she have a case of it in her fridge? She might tell the Facebook world she loves Diet Snapple, but how often does she actually buy it? I ask these probing philosophical questions because the legitimacy of Facebook brand “likes” and real life loyalty has been a hot topic this summer — and one some brands are testing.

Hipper-than-thou jeans and clothing company Diesel is putting real life Facebook “likes” and sales to the test in Madrid, Spain. The company has slapped QR quotes on its products. Shoppers scan their products, which then posts to their Facebook wall. While the app is only being tested in Spain, it’s newsworthy because it is finally putting Facebook “likes” in the real life world of point of sale. Spanish shoppers and their Facebook friends can see what one another picked up at Diesel, and hopefully it inspires others to do more shopping.

Marrying shopping with Facebook “likes” via technology is sheer genius, but it doesn’t have to be something just for big brands. A jewelry-making friend of mine came up with the idea of offering in-store discounts for shoppers who “like” her company’s Facebook page while they’re shopping. We’ve seen bars, restaurants, food trucks and other companies hand out free swag in exchange for Facebook “likes.” Location and point of sale-based “likes” translate to real life sales… especially when there are incentives involved.

Yet we can’t help wondering if we are truly at a crossroads with this whole “likes” phenomenon. Facebook is undoubtedly powerful, but does it possess Twitter’s mega-marketing staying power? You tell us in the comments section below!

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