Yahoo! Mail upgrade designed to make you want to live in your mailbox.

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Yesterday Yahoo! announced New Yahoo! Mail that includes a bunch of new bells and whistles that allow you to connect more and to do more. It’s about time! I recently added a Gmail account to my mail capabilities because I needed features that Yahoo! just couldn’t handle for me. For one, Yahoo! limited emails to 10MB. With the new Yahoo! Mail, you now can email up to 25MB. Yahoo! No more scrunching down videos. No more having to go to Gmail to send large files. It’s about time. Here are some other new cool things that you get when you upgrade to Yahoo! Mail:

“¢ Download multiple downloads simultaneously

“¢Â Auto check for messages

“¢Â Drafts are auto-saved as you write

“¢Â Manage your calendar without leaving your email

“¢Â Chatting and texting capabilities built built right into your inbox

“¢ Drag and drop capabilities in email interface

“¢Â Tabs to facilitate multitasking

“¢ More powerful search capabilities

“¢ Built-in Evite capabilities (coming soon)

“¢Â Unlimited storage capacity

There’s more. To check out the play by play of the live Yahoo Mail demo, read Search Engine Land’s live blog roll.

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