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Good blog writing, most of the time, has more to do with the message than the form. Sure, we all love great grammar and attractive layouts. But as we scroll and click our days away, it’s the blogs with a memorable message that stick with us — the ones that we send, share and pin. Corporate blogging shouldn’t be any different. Yet it’s easy to just pump out facts and marketing mumbo jumbo when blogging for business. Somehow, many bloggers equate business blogs with boring. Well, we think that’s just wrong. After all, shouldn’t your company blog be something you actually want to read?

“Would you read it?” was the question a creative writing guru of mine once posed to me after I had been grappling with a certain project I was unsure if I should pursue. This, at the time, was a real head scratcher. “Of course I’d read it!” was my immediate reaction… but after taking a long look, I wasn’t so positive. Honestly, it was sort of uninteresting and it didn’t really sound like me. Plus, I think I was writing it for other people based on some idea of what I thought they should like. So would I read it? The painful answer was no.

But out of such a “no” slowly emerges the truth. The truth for me is that I wasn’t writing something I was proud of. Seeing this, I could head in the right direction and work on something I would want to read. It’s the same for blogging. The truth for blog marketers is that we want our company’s blogs to be interesting and for people to actually read the darn things. It isn’t solely about keywords and SEO. It’s about putting out a message that really tells readers about our business. Interesting blog posts equal interested followers/customers. Makes sense, right?

So, dear readers, it’s your turn to answer: Would you read your own blog? If yes, tell us how you got to a place where your blog is something to be proud of. If no, tell us what about your blog needs fixing.

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