Wisk laundry detergent unsoils the Internets.

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According to a recent press release, Wisk laundry detergent has just come out with a new app called Wisk-it that allows you to clean up those embarrassing photos on Facebook with the click of a button. Wisk is a real detergent company that’s been around since 1956 and are famous for the “ring around the collar” TV campaign that was a big hit in the 1970’s. I recently did a video post about how an automobile company manufactured a detergent to help sell a sporty new line of car. But here, we have a detergent company manufacturing an app that helps you clean facebook of those pics you wish would just go away. I think it’s a brilliant way to reinforce brand values of a company that’s all about cleaning. Here’s how it works.

“¢ Once installed, the user is offered a removal request to send to the photo’s owner, such as: “Are you serious? Please wash this one away!” “Where did you find that photo???” and “This photo has got to go!”

“¢ Want to get more personal? Users are also provided with the option to personalize the removal request allowing them the forum to plead their case on why this photo should never have seen the light of day.

“¢ Once the owner receives the removal message, he or she is prompted to install the WISK-IT application and “wash away” the compromising photo. Users are also offered the opportunity to search their friends’ photo albums that may include problematic snapshots.

“¢ All Facebook users can invite their friends to “clean up” their own Facebook image with WISK-IT.

Want to try it out? Install it here at wisk-it.com or if you’re not in the mood to clean, sit back and relax by clicking on the video below.

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