Winter’s Hottest Twitter Tips

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It is certainly winter, which in retail means desperate post holiday sales and in entertainment means reality TV and movies too terrible for summer release dates. But in online marketing and social media marketing, winter is a great season to spend time on our Twitter campaigns. Not only does Twitter make for a good snowy day indoor activity, advertising and PR through Twitter is a lot cheaper than other avenues during a season in which clients are hoarding their dollars to pay for their upcoming taxes. Instead of hibernating we’ve decided to get the little bird bundled up and tweet like there’s no tomorrow. So to celebrate we’ve come up with 3 of the hottest twitter tips for the winter.

1.) Grader? I don’t even know ‘er: Grader, bad joke aside, is an awesome tool to find out what your Twitter influence is and more importantly which Tweeps in your area are the most influential. Like Klout, Grader awards grades as to how popular you are on Twitter allowing you to see how successful your tweets have been.

2.) Sell Your Book on Twitter: Got a self-published or small publishing company produced non-fiction book that you’ve written and are dying to get to more readers? Twitter is the place for you. When we read this piece profiling how a horse lovers joke book had a boost in sales, we knew what we suspected all along: Tweeters are readers. Short messages and smartly created hashtags are nifty techniques to help get your brilliant book into the right hands.

3.) Take the 140 Challenge: There’s been a lot of talk lately about how well written Tweets actually require real writing talent. As major Tweetaholics, we happen to agree. Concise, funny, and smart tweets DO need a little extra thought but ultimately garner more RTs and more responses. Making this happen in 140 charters or less isn’t impossible; it just takes some brilliance and thoughtfulness. Look to writers and comedians on Twitter for examples of brilliantly written tweets and start making your 140 shine!

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