Will You Fall Victim to the 2014 Digital Detox?

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Happy 2014, loyal Brandsplat readers! There’s nothing like the start of a new year to get us thinking about improving ourselves and our lives. And in 2014, in addition to those overly-ambitious, year-long-gym-membership-buying types, we’ve got another class of Resolutioners — those among us who have pledged to spend less time online. Whether it’s doggedly reading each Facebook update about people they hardly remember from high school or following every known D-list celebrity tweeter on the planet, some people have developed bad digital habits and are looking to perform a cleanse. We salute you, digital detoxers!

Luckily, our clients are in no danger of being crossed off anyone’s list. That’s because here at Brandsplat, we make sure their content is spot-on by spending time understanding what their audience needs before we write a single word, search engine optimized or otherwise. It’s because we know there’s more to expanding our clients’ reach than cramming a bunch of keywords into a spammy post in hopes of boosting their Google page ranks. We offer our clients the real deal: Content created just for them by an informed, engaged writer whose first and only priority is to make a connection with the people their services or products are designed to help.

True, not everyone can write passionately day in and day out about topics including investment scams, telecommunications challenges or how to know if you need to hire a lawyer. But then again, not everyone writes for us — just those who like to dig deep and create interesting, informative content to bridge the gap between our clients and those who need them; those who go beyond writing a certain number of words to spec; those who care that their client’s message is making it in front of the right eyes. In other words, real professionals.

Do you have real professionals writing for your company’s blog, website or social media channels? Here’s how to check: Watch your Google Analytics numbers over the next few weeks. Are they growing by leaps and bounds? Then you don’t need us. Anything less tells you that your company may have fallen victim to the 2014 digital detox and would benefit from the great combination of smarts and heart our writers bring to their work.

Go ahead and check. We’ll wait. Our number’s below.

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