Why Readers Are Drawn to ‘Herself’

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Good blog creation can rope in a ton of readers and help establish a brand. Great blog creation can literally create a brand itself and put a whole new identity on the map. Think we’re exaggerating? Then please explain to us how a series of drawings posted on a blog wound up becoming the fashion world’s hottest new magazine.

In spring of 2010, a little BlogSpot blog entitled Lula: The Subject I Know Best debuted with little initial fanfare. The blog had a mysterious mix of fashion photos and some incredible illustrations by the Lula, the faceless blogger behind the operation. Within a year, the blog was the talk of the fashion industry. The site was now almost entirely made up of Lula’s drawings and she developed an enthusiastic fan base. In fall 2011, Lula’s artistic blog empire was taken to whole new heights when she released Herself. With no models, no celebrity interviews and no highly-paid photographers, Herself made headlines and sold out at newsstands. The secret? It is the world’s first entirely illustrated fashion magazine. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Lulu said, “It’s about creating a point of view of fashion that celebrates the beauty and the excitement of it. We don’t need to choose wearable pieces, and we don’t need to celebrate the commercial value. We have the luxury of celebrating the creativity of fashion.”

Released on April 2nd, the second issued of Herself has gathered a firestorm of publicity for its creative fashion layout featuring drawings of famous actresses and the characters they’ve played — Kristen Stewart and Snow White, Madonna and Eva Peron and Meryl Streep and Margaret Thatcher — all “shot” wearing the latest couture and with one another. The issue is already tough to get your hands on and readers are clamoring for the next edition.

Herself is the kind of blog-branding success story we love simply because it capitalizes on being different by mixing old with new media, art with commerce and innovation with plucky spirit. The media picked up and ran with this story for that very reason. So let Herself be the battle cry of inspiration that helps our blogging for business become a truly memorable work of art.

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