Why Everybody’s Talking About Mobile

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In the wide world of content marketing, we see waves of buzz words wash over our industry and stick around until every blog on the planet is muttering the same phrases. This month, the phrase on everybody’s lips is “mobile marketing.” Sure, mobile marketing has been a force to be reckoned with and a platform to be tackled for years. But all of a sudden, everybody from big brands and billionaires to politicians and social media moguls are mad about mobile marketing.

For example, hedge fund manager Eric Jackson made news this week when he predicted on CNBC that Facebook could wind up in Yahoo! territory if they don’t figure out the mobile problem — and fast.

“Facebook can buy a bunch of mobile companies, but they are still a big, fat website and that’s different from a mobile app,” Jackson said.

And Facebook agrees. The company admitted in a regulatory filing that its struggle to monetize mobile platforms “may negatively affect our revenue and financial results.” Even Oprah Winfrey has focused her efforts on mobile and tablet marketing to keep in touch with her audience of devoted followers. Now that her talk show is kaput, Winfrey reaches out via social media and is bringing back her famous publishing juggernaut Book Club. The new book club will be an all-mobile, all-tablet affair. After a two-year book club hiatus, this new mobile strategy is a sign that shrewd marketers like Winfrey are ready to march forward into the mobile era. In addition, Disney, Gap, Twitter and more brands have all made big moves to put mobile on the front burner.

Small businesses can breathe easy, though, when it comes to implementing mobile into their online marketing plan. Starting with a mobile-friendly website or blog is an easy move and something a good web designer can handle with ease. SMS campaigns, tablet newsletters and inexpensive app development are also things to consider. The big thing is to have something in place to make sure your brand isn’t left out of the mobile conversation.

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