Who Reads This Anyway? Getting to Know Your Audience

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We know how you roll: You tinker away 5 days a week at your blog creation. You come up with witty, wise and wonderful posts. You tweet and Facebook your blog on a regular basis. You feel like you’ve got this whole blogging-for-business thing wired shut. Yet there’s still something you don’t know: Who is your blog’s audience? And does it even matter?

Who your readers are does matter… mainly because you want to make sure the right people are reading your blog. By “the right people,” we mean audiences who share your same passions and rely on your expertise and hopefully want to buy whatever it is you are selling. Using your analytics tools that most blogging platforms offer is a good way to see who’s dropped by your blog and how many people a week lay their eyes on the darn thing. But to really get to know your readers, you have to talk to them. This is especially fantastic if your readers are other bloggers. Other bloggers know that commenting on your blog will get you to visit their blog and before you know it we’re all in the middle of a big blogger-to-blogger love-fest.

But beyond bloggers, who are your readers? Who do you write this for? If you write a blog about cooking to promote your line of baking accessories, for example, you would hope other foodie types are reading your blog. If those wannabe chefs aren’t dropping by your blog, however, you’d best go out and get them. Visit similar blogs, interact and invite audiences to come chat with you. Good blog marketing via social media and your own website will hopefully bring the audience of your dreams to you.

Taking some time to find out who your readers are will also help you develop topics they want to read and talk about. So on that note, readers, what’s on your mind? Tell us what tips you have for building and getting to know your blog’s audience. Sound off below!

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