What’s the Secret to Blockbuster Viral Videos?

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Blockbuster Viral Videos

Original, memorable online video creation at times feels impossible. With the sea of new branded video content making waves on YouTube everyday, even getting views is an uphill battle, right? Perhaps, but we believe there are some easy things brands of all sizes can do to get noticed in the viral video battle. So how does a normal video made by a small company achieve YouTube greatness?

While there isn’t a straightforward secret formula when it comes to online videos, including humor is one way to insure a good number of views. The fact is, we the people love to laugh. Therefore, video content that can make us laugh is the kind of thing we forward to friends, post to Facebook and watch over and over again. It’s pure gold. Check out this commercial for Dove men’s shampoo for further proof of how funny works.

It doesn’t matter that this Brazilian commercial isn’t in English or that it’s directed at the tough market of men’s hair care. The fact is it’s funny and memorable. In one minute and eight seconds, Dove has done more for this product than any social media campaign could ever do, and it’s all because the video is hilarious and a little weird. Appealing to your followers’ sense of humor doesn’t take boatloads of cash or a fancy agency, it just takes some great writing and creativity. Creativity when paired with online videos can help consumer change their minds or think of new ways to use your products or services. This ad for Salvation Army is a terrific example of that.

But videos can also be helpful for giving your brand a new narrative. No other platform can express who your company is and what you’re all about faster than video. This is incredibly helpful for brands trying to reintroduce themselves to new customers like childhood favorite Kool-Aid recently did.

There may be no secret formula to creating the next viral hit, but we do know that humor, a strong narrative and creativity certainly help. Also, good video campaigns require a lot of help and fresh ideas (something we can certainly help you with). And if all else fails, go for juvenile and ridiculous. This Kmart ad, posted last week and already boasting over 9 million views, proves that our inner 12-year-old is alive and well and ready to watch videos online.

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