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As readership at Vogue is slipping and Project Runway is trying to limp back after the critical beating it took over the summer,  the future was looking bleak for fashionistas worldwide.  Furthering cause for panic,  dozens of small boutiques and brands have failed to survive against lower priced stores like Target.  Not missing a beat, though, the ever resourceful fashion biz has created new ways to reach out to their clients using online brand marketing.

Swedish clothing company and purveyors of chic, affordable looks H&M has found a way to bring Fashion Week to the masses. Using slick video episodes, H&M speaks directly to their style hungry clients and fans every week with new content that spans the globe from Paris to New York.  Levi’s website also produces interactive videos as well as the blog Denim Therapy written by jean obsessed fashion gurus. Strictly for the style and Sex and the City obsessed, Patriciafield.com offers not only a first hand look into the famed stylist’s brand and boutique but her blog shows the beautiful people of New York looking fabulous. Rustyzipper.com, a longtime seller of vintage looks, updates loyal customers with new thrift arrivals via email and text messages.  Finally, luxury brand Gucci has developed their own iPhone application to bring their latest products and locations of store openings right to the tips of their customer’s flawlessly manicured fingertips.

Yet even the smallest clothing designer can get the word out online without the mega bucks of Gucci or Levi’s. Video casting indie fashion shows, smartly written fashion blogs, and mobile updates are easy and affordable things nearly every small company can do to stay in touch with their customers. So what new marketing techniques are you going to use in 2010 to keep your products in fashion?

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