What Would Cher Do? A Diva’s Lessons in Twitter

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Celebrities were some of the first brands to really use Twitter marketing. From cleaning up public messes to promoting new movies, stars (and their publicists) have found thousands of ways to put Twitter to work. Twitter’s instant communication platform truly makes delivering news stories incredibly easy, while Twitter’s limited character format helps eliminate rambling. But in the end, for celebrities and small businesses alike, Twitter is all about selling your brand’s personality. For a complicated tutorial on how to do just that, may we present Cher?

The 67-year-old actress and singer has been an entertainment icon since the 1960s, but her use of Twitter is definitely straight out of 2013. Cher routinely makes headlines for the outspoken, bizarre and often hilarious stuff that pops up in her Twitterfeed. We looked at the diva’s Twitter page and came up with some Twitter tips any company can use.

I Got You Babe: Cher is incredibly loyal to her Twitter followers. She answers questions, gives them exclusive content and talks to them in the frank manner they’ve come to expect from her. For a star of her caliber, this is impressive. It shows Cher gets how Twitter works and is truly a tip we can all try. Engage with your followers on a conversational level for superstar results.

Snap Out of It: This being said, Cher is often guilty of engaging too much. The star gets into heated and sometimes incoherent arguments with Twitter followers and the results are sometimes a mess. Cher has clearly learned a lot over the years, but we don’t think editing is one of them. Instead, a good rule of thumb is pause, reread, edit and then send before getting all crazy on Twitter. Remember, being argumentative hurts your brand, not your followers

Don’t Turn Back Time: If anybody can teach us a thing or two about resiliency, it is indeed Cher. Cher has her Twitter fallouts and makes blunders, but she keeps going. Cher also isn’t afraid to try new things, and your brand shouldn’t be, either. When it comes to social media marketing and Twitter management, it’s important to try lots of things, make a few mistakes and then keep going.


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