What 50 of the Top 100 Blogs Have in Common

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When hopping into the wonderful world of blog creation and blog marketing, the first thing you have to figure out is where you’re going to put that amazing company blog. Blogging platform options are vast and varied, but not all of them are fantastic. So what’s it gonna be: Typepad? Blogger? Tumblr? WordPress?

According to a new study, you might want to go with that last choice. Pingdom, a website monitoring firm, is reporting that 49 percent of the Top 100 blogs in Technorati’s index are powered by WordPress.

Still, what’s in a platform? For as much as bloggers complain about WordPress and its glitches, there’s no other platform even comes close to its popularity. Pingdom finds that 40 percent of the WordPress blogs are self-hosted (like this here blog) while 9 percent are WordPress hosted. That’s quite a jump considering 32 percent of the 100 were WordPress powered back in 2009. In a distant second place at 14 percent are custom blogs, one-offs created by bloggers and not powered by a platform. TypePad at 8 percent and then MoveableType at 7 percent, respectively, round out the order. Although Blogger is incredibly popular with budding blog creators, when it comes to the Top 100, only 2 percent use the platform. The trendy Tumblr faired far worse, scoring less than 1 percent.

So what makes WordPress so great, anyway? Well, personally, you can’t beat the ease and compatibility of the format. Non-techie types never have to worry about WordPress not doing what it always does and that can’t always be said about custom platforms. Yet others could argue against WordPress’s clunky functions and stubborn dashboards. The main thing with a blogging platform is how it works for you. If TypePad makes your life easier, then by all means that should be your platform. If you have success on Blogger, go that direction. Because what this study really shows is that top 100 blog can come from all kinds of places.

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