We’re Sooo Excited (rolls eyes): Sarcasm Gets its Own Font

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“Sarcasm I now see to be, in general, the language of the devil; for which reason I have long since as good as renounced it.”- Thomas Carlyle

Just when we started to wonder if sarcasm was the new cynicism, the Internet gave us the answer. Sarcasm, which seems to pop up more frequently when the world is in a general state of uncertainty, became championed — and crowdsourced — recently as Sartalics was announced. Sartalics is a movement to get sarcasm its very own font. This is happy news for sarcastic online posters who have to explain to their followers every time they’re being sarcastic online. Apparently smart asses have cried out for a font of their own which makes their jerkery crystal clear without needing further explanation. Thus Sartalics was born and the funny/odd movement may have more to say about the ways we now use Twitter than it was ever meant to.

Using a Twitterblitz, which is where a mass Tweet is sent out by thousands of users to their followers, Sartalics hopes to bring 10,000 people together to champion their new font. The Twitterblitz will be sent to all of the big-shot digital CEOs of places like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple. Sartalics is using crowdsourcing and Twitter like we’ve seen everything from political causes to product campaigns do in the last two years. The font itself is basically reverse italics and could be easily implemented if the movement picks up steam. But the power to the people Twitterblitz has already picked up steam as a means to get noticed. Using Twitter and its limited character format as a way to call people to action is genius, regardless of how silly we find the campaigns themselves to be.

And lovely readers, what say you? Is Sartalics a good idea or is it, as Carlyle said, the language of the devil?

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