Watering the social media garden

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The upkeep of social media marketing can be a tricky thing. A recent article in Ad Week pondered the future of Twitter. With the loss of about a million users last year and the average account updating numbers in a slump, media watchers are quick to bury Twitter in a plot next to Friendster and move on. Digging a little deeper in the article, however, reveals the real truths about all social media, not just Twitter. Those sad numbers are not the entire story as they include only visitors to the traditional website and not mobile users which make up the majority of the Twitterverse. The  general consensus of large and small business alike when it comes to social media marketing is that full-time care is needed otherwise the venue becomes useless. Twitter, like blogs or email marketing or mobile marketing, requires constant care and upkeep. Businesses who stay in contact with their clients on a daily basis via social media continue to reap the rewards.

So here are some gardening tips to help your social media marketing plan positively blossom.

1.) Keep it chatty, Cathy-Yes you use social media to connect with clients and of course the ultimate goal is business growth but have some fun while doing it, for Pete’s sake. A brisk, witty, personalized tone with Tweets, Facebook status updates, and emails is far more inviting than the auto-churned desperate messages that read as if a robot composed them. The entertaining  tweets from Bravo TV, for example, aren’t always about their juicy upcoming reality shows but often feature news of celebrity sitings, what’s currently playing on the office iPod, and cross-promotion of products that Bravo watchers clamor for. Also, well-composed social media messages are more likely to get a second glance than the dull robo-messages.

2.) Check on it all day long– It has been time tested with countless dating websites. The hotties that consistently update their pictures and profiles are the ones who get the most dates. It is no different with social media marketing. You can’t send out one Tweet once a week and expect folks to flock to your business.  Frequently upload content (and we’re talking several times daily here) keeps you in touch with your clients. Again, well written and well produced content will be welcomed and followed whereas badgering banter will be ignored.

3.) Never stop growing– Let your customers know that your business is on social media sites and to check there for new products or special offers. Also, use your email lists to connect with your customers on social media. Lastly, add new friends daily to grow your social media network and potential client-base. More “friends”= more client$.

So before you delete your business’ accounts on Facebook or Twitter, try bringing your plants back to life first by weeding out your old ideas and implementing new ones.

Happy Gardening!

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