Viral Campaign Calls for Mother’s Day Boycott

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Holidays are usually a time when the web is abuzz with the latest seasonal viral video hits designed to bring in big dollars while capitalizing on the festive spirit of the moment. Marketers, especially near Mother’s Day, pour their creative hearts and souls into online video creation. But this year, the star-studded viral video everybody is talking about is for a campaign that urges people around the globe not to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Every Mother Counts is the non-profit organization founded by former supermodel Christy Turlington Burns to raise awareness about the health complications that women around the globe face when they are expecting and giving birth. Nearly 358,000, according to Every Mother Counts, die each year due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. For each woman who dies every year during childbirth, at least 20 to 30 additional mothers suffer from lifelong debilitating disabilities. Turlington Burns is using Mother’s Day as a platform to draw national attention to these shocking statistics and, like any good online marketer, she’s got a video to help get her message across. While not yet KONY-esque in views, Every Mother Counts has been grabbing headlines and racking up views (around 52,000 as this blog was written) mainly due to the serious star power in the video. Debra Messing, Jennifer Connelly, Kelly Rutherford, Blythe Danner and Ann Curry are just a few of the famous faces in the spot. Yet the campaign is also gaining notoriety for its call to action. Turlington Burns and her famous friends want moms around the country to stay silent on Mother’s Day. No phone calls. No status updates. No brunch with the kiddies. All in what the ad calls “an act of solidarity for at-risk mothers around the world.” Facebook is promoting the day of silence, too, with information on the campaign and donation gift ideas to take the place of traditional flowers and chocolates.

Naturally, many traditional types think Turlington Burns is off her rocker. Some blogs have even painted her as an extremist trying to ruin a great holiday. We suspect these are people from Hallmark. But how do you feel? Can a video that calls for silence on Mother’s Day really make a difference? And as a viral content campaign, does No Mother’s Day hit or miss its mark? Sound off below!

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