Viewers keep one eye on the TV and the other eye on the web.

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Neilson just released the Three Screen Report, a quarterly review of how viewers consume TV, internet and mobile web platforms. Overall, media consumption is on the rise. No surprise here. Also, web users are watching more video online, a 45.5% increase”“not really a surprise either. What’s interesting about this report is that more people are watching TV whilst surfing the web”“another clue that the convergence of web and TV is something that people want. According to the report, “57% of consumers with internet access at home watch TV and go online simultaneously at least one time each month.” I’ve been practicing this method for quite some time. Sometimes I even access the web through my Wii on my flat screen and download YouTube videos so I can watch them in the living room. I take this convergence one step further when I am in my office by streaming KCRW’s Chocolate City music while I watch TV, surf the web and write my blog entries. What was once considered the working regiment of an Attention Seficit Disorder sufferer is becoming the norm as the appetite for media grows. Another interesting bit of information coming from this report is that more people are watching video on their mobile phones; a 70% increase over last year. That’s huge! No wonder telecom providers like AT&T are having a hard time keeping up with the bandwidth of it’s users like this NY Times article suggests. Nothing guzzles up the data like downloading a video from a smartphone. So the next time I download a video on my iPhone while streaming Chocolate City, watching TV, surfing the web and writing my blog, I won’t feel like I’m all alone.

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