Videos and Blogs Should Work Together

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Creative and memorable online video creation takes time, effort and vision. After coming up with great videos that reflect your brand’s personality and style, make sure they go the right channels — and not just your personal YouTube channel. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook should definitely help you promote video content and, of course, your own website needs a dose of video magic, too. But perhaps the most powerful place for your video campaigns to shine is on your own blog.

Every blogging-for-business tutorial touts the importance of using video content, and it isn’t difficult to see why. For starters, videos make for super-engaging and dynamic posts that require less copy. Posts with videos have proven to be the kind of thing folks forward to one another, leave comments on and generally enjoy as a break from the normal posts. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to use our own branded blogs to hold our original video content, too. In the never-ending pursuit of new blog topics, our videos are an easy and different way to provide new posts. From demos on how to use products and before-and-after videos to interviews with industry experts and network news-style business reports, videos can do everything our blogs already do. Like with your everyday written blog posts, video posts should talk about your brand and industry while entertaining and informing your readers. In other words, videos of your grandfather on a water slide probably aren’t appropriate (unless of course you’re in the water slide business).

Producing a weekly or monthly series of videos is a creative solution for both video marketing and blog marketing. Series help churn out fresh video content, and placing them on the company blog gives readers a reliable place to find them. Customer testimonials, weekly specials, “get to know” company employees and new product arrivals would all make for fun and easy to produce video series. Likewise, heavily-watched YouTube or Vimeo channels can also help promote company blogs that need more readers, too. Just a little “Click Here to Read Our Blog” button can make all the difference when it comes to getting video watchers to cross over.

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