Unicorn Watch 2010 Continues

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While we’re all nibbling on turkey, there’s another animal running amok online and in social media: the unicorn. That’s right kids, as we predicted over the summer, the horned critter is back in full force and everywhere from the Los Angeles Times to Cartoon Network has harnessed, pondered and pontificated the power of the mythical creature. The latest roundup of unicorn delights proves the horny beast isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Pop artist Camomile Hixon stirred up some major PR – and a little trouble for herself – when she posted missing unicorn posters all over New York City. Hixon was slyly promoting her Missing Unicorn installation at a local gallery yet what ended up happening was marketing magic of epic proportions. Her some 2,000 posters with a missing unicorn hotline caused more than 3,500 responses from all over the United States. The city of New York shut down her renegade art project, slapping her on the wrist for hanging up the posters. But Hixon took her message and campaign online where anybody could download the posters. She also set up a Twitter account so people could post unicorn sightings. Hixon’s effort is the kind of do-it-yourself guerrilla marketing Andy Warhol-types and fantasy fans alike can applaud.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cartoon Network has seen massive success with its online game Robot Unicorn Attack. The game, which is purposely ridiculous, has moved onto Facebook and iPhones while spawning a heavy metal sequel. Now Robot Unicorn Attack is decking the halls in its own twisted kind of way with the just-launched Christmas edition of the game. This snowy and sparkly rendition is available for iPhone and iPad. Cult holiday hit song “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)” by The Darkness is the soundtrack for the latest unicorn gaming adventure.

And the unicorn madness is bound to continue in 2011 as Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn hits theaters next summer. We here at Brandsplat will keep you posted on the latest sightings. Why? Because we care – that’s why.

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