Two Magazines Target Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

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Blog writing can translate to big bucks in the fashion and beauty industry. Over the years, we’ve seen the front rows of fashion shows infiltrated with bloggers — most of whom don’t work for big time fashion magazines. Fashion magazines, for their part, embraced the changing tides and were amongst the first of traditional publications to embrace bloggers. This week two powerhouses, Allure and Lucky, have announced two splashy blogger-themed events specially designed for beauty and fashion blog creation mavens.

Call it an inevitability or a sign of the times, but Allure’s Beauty Blogger Awards are a stroke of marketing genius. Not only does the competition call on Allure’s readers to choose the best beauty blogger but the contest relies on the nominated bloggers to help drum up interest in the showdown. And all of it is being co-sponsored by cosmetics company Revlon, of course. The pool of bloggers was narrowed down to 15 which Allure says includes “an astrophysics student, a medical student and a former Wall Street executive who left big business to blog.” Over the next five weeks, the bloggers will be asked to blog on specific topics and, one by one, readers will decide who stays in the competition. The winning blogger gets a VIP package to New York Fashion Week and the opportunity to be published in Allure.

Shopping bible Lucky magazine is taking a different approach to wooing bloggers. FABB, the Fashion and Beauty Blog conference, is a West Coast blogging conference with serious star power. Sponsored by P&G Beauty and Grooming, the conference features speakers like designer Zac Posen, actress Jessica Alba, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks. Lucky clearly cooked up this Los Angeles function to give bloggers something to blog about. The one-day event is chock full of speakers, events and giveaways sure to inspire a blogging frenzy.

Obviously, the fashion industry knows that happy bloggers means more coverage. But it goes deeper than that. Companies of all sizes would be wise not only to work diligently on their own blogs but to embrace other blogs that can help promote their industry. Bloggers love having the exclusive on something and small businesses love getting press coverage. It’s a win-win that never goes out of style.

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