Two Easy Twitter Marketing Resolutions for 2013

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Even the best laid Twitter marketing plans sometimes fail miserably. From forgotten Twitter accounts and failed hashtags to tweet meltdowns and sporadic posts, brands large and small learned in 2012 that Twitter for business isn’t as easy as perhaps we first thought After a few starts and stops and a few more Twitter belly-flops, you might be inclined to dump Twitter altogether. But you’d be making a mistake. Twitter marketing is still one of the fastest and most effective social media marketing channels available, and finding a target audience on Twitter is incredibly easy and effective, too. So before you dump Twitter marketing, here’s a pair of resolutions for the New Year which could very well reinvigorate your Twitter presence.

Stop Waffling: The first resolution to make on Twitter is actually a decision. If you’re going to pass on Twitter, then let it go and stop tweeting every four months.It’s a waste of time and, quite frankly, it looks bad. Also, let’s all stop announcing when we quit Twitter, too, shall we? Nobody cares, and if you’re going to quit just do it. If you are going to go ahead with Twitter marketing, resolve to use 2013 as the year where you take it seriously. Compose a minimum of 10 tweets a week, take some time to brainstorm Twitter-specific campaigns and make the commitment to try it for at least 90 days before you walk away from it. By really making the decision, you’ll quickly notice that a few hours a week devoted to Twitter marketing will make a huge difference.

Tweet Healthier: Maybe you tweet already and all the time but you’re not having much success. It could be a simple matter of changing what you tweet. In the new year, try using Twitter as less of a bullhorn to blast marketing messages and more of a creative channel to talk to your followers. Take part in conversations, retweet posts from colleagues and use popular hashtags to get noticed by new followers. Tweeting healthier also means cutting out the “junk food tweets.” Fatty sales pitches, cheesy humor and bloated political arguments have no place in your professional Twitter diet. Cut them out and what you contribute to Twitter can be a more creative and interesting.

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