Two Brands That Stay Well-liked On Facebook

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Like any good blog covering social media marketing, we’ve endlessly discussed the secret formula behind Facebook likes. Likes have become a golden ticket in the social media marketing world. With them, your brand archives big-time recognition on the world’s most-used social network. Without them, your company sits there like an unpopular kid at a middle school dance. Yet just being a well-liked brand isn’t enough. In today’s social media shark tank, what you post on Facebook needs to be gold, too. So we were intrigued by a new study from Visibli which rounds up the most “liked” posts from brands on Facebook.

According to the study, Audi and American Airlines reign supreme. The carmaker racks up an impressive 228 likes for its posts out of every 100,000 followers, meaning not only do followers love the brand, but they love what the company is posting on Facebook. Audi has an impressive 3.1 million “likers,” which translates to an average of 7,068 likes for every post.

This study is illuminating because it validates something that content-conscious types have been saying forever: keep ’em engaged. You can blast your brand’s message over and over again, but if the content isn’t creative then you’ve wasted your time and haven’t really contributed anything to the Facebooksphere. Clearly, Audi and American Airlines are igniting their followers with content they respond to. It is no fluke that the rest of Visibili’s study is dominated by pop stars like Chamillionaire and Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Pop music fans on social media are “like”-happy, so for a brand to inspire a similar response is impressive, indeed. Visibli points out that a Facebook post generates 50 percent of its “likes” during its first one hour and 20 minutes, meaning that engaging a Facebook audience has to happen quickly.

Readers, it’s your turn to engage us. Which brands post things you can’t wait to “like”? Tell us below!

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