Twitter Takes (and Keeps) Your Pictures

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Last week, Twitter was buzzing with news that the site would now dip its toes into the photo sharing waters with a brand new image gallery. Twitter profiles are now equipped with a strip that features the photos you’ve recently shared in tweets. It’s cool stuff — and long overdue for the site that seems to become more and more conversational in tone with every passing day. The addition of photo sharing takes Twitter into more of the… dare we say… Facebook social territory.

Still, Twitter photo sharing has big-time possibilities for social media marketing and Twitter marketing.

Up until recently, Twitter marketers would have to obtusely yammer on about their amazing products and blogs in hopes that followers would be lured in by their 140 characters to go check out their websites. Now with photo sharing, marketers can put pretty pictures front and center on their profiles. The new photo galleries are a veritable visual archive of the pictures you’ve tweeted, so why not curate them to create great images of your company? These treasure troves of images can give your followers a visual to go along with your witty and wise words.

Twitter galleries also have the potential to help users avoid marketing trolls. As if the all caps, sales pitch-heavy tweets in their history weren’t evidence enough, Twitter profiles without photos could steer folks away from wanting to communicate with robots. Your four most recent images appear on your profile now and tweeps with no pictures could be considered persona non grata. The long-lasting photo memory of the site could also cut down on the amount of embarrassing pictures that are tweeted. Sure a Twit pic of you doing Jell-O shots with a midget clown is funny but if you had to look at it every time you logged in, some of the “ha ha” factor might dissipate.

All in all, more images and photos and content on Twitter is a good thing. It forces folks in charge of Twitter for business campaigns to get creative. But readers, what do you think? Are you loving the Twitter galleries? Or would you rather not look at the people you Tweet with? Chirp about it in our comments section!

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