Twitter: Part of a Balanced Breakfast

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For some of the world’s biggest breakfast brands, the meal comes with a side of aggressive and clever Twitter marketing. The assortment of food items represented on Twitter would rival the menu of your favorite waffle house. Pancakes, toast, coffee, donuts, cereal and beyond all are sold on Twitter to thousands of followers. Grab yourself a toaster pastry, a strong cup of Joe and see how the super brands are rocking out Twitter long before you’ve even wiped the sleep out of your eyes. 

The American Egg Board has used traditional advertising and digital marketing for years to push the idea that eggs are still our favorite breakfast food. Therefore, it makes sense that its Twitter account, @IncredibleEggs, does the same thing. Tweets with nutritional facts, links to recipes and light-hearted responses to followers’ tweets help the brand stay on top of that mission statement — all while being more approachable than ever.

New to Twitter but already getting major engagement and press coverage, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel has taken Twitter marketing to delicious new heights. According to Mashable, “Pillsbury’s Strudel Düdeler, a machine powered by tweets, makes icing art on your Toaster Strudel. Starting on Tuesday, Twitter users who tweet details about what they to do get their morning going (along with the hashtag #StrudelArt) will receive a picture of a Strudel with personalized icing art.”

Now an old-timer at social media, Cap’n Crunch delivers funny and self-effacing tweets clearly aimed more at parents than kids. “One must Crunch something to be alive. #capnsquotes” is an example of the brand giving the iconic character a voice via Twitter. And it works. The attitude is consistent to the branding and a throwback for folks who now buy the sugary goodness for their own children. (Sadly, the Cap’n’s dull, robotic pal Aunt Jemima could use a similar hip, Twitter makeover.)

Greek Yogurt is the breakfast choice for people of all ages. @YopliatGreek realizes this and lures its Twitter followers in with sumptuous and descriptive tweets of its yogurt. The brand loves to use Twitter to chat with followers, respond to customer feedback and retweet comments from  adoring fans.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be breakfast — or the Internet — without bacon! The greasy pork treat has become the culinary equivalent of Justin Bieber (which is to say it’s ginormous). There are literally hundreds of Twitter accounts devoted to bacon, but our favorite has got to be the United Church of Bacon. Tweeting from @praisebacon (of course) the UCB is a crazy organization that sells bacon-themed goodies and performs baconcentric wedding ceremonies. Naturally, the UCB is based out of Las Vegas. With 597 followers, the UCB is just getting started, but thanks to witty tweets and well-placed social media plugs, we predict it will be sizzling in no time.

Praise Twitter, and pass the bacon!

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