Twitter Gets #Satisfried By BK

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Every once in a while, a Twitter marketing effort — usually a hashtag or promoted tweet — takes social media by storm. If the hashtag is popular enough, traditional media takes notice, and before you know it, we’ve got a bona fide marketing phenomenon on our hands. Burger King fired up one for the record books yesterday when it introduced us to #Satisfried.

Most viral hashtags start with a great name and #Satisfried is no exception. The clever pun was concocted to promote Burger King’s new Satisfries, a lower-calorie, lower-fat french fry. According to USA Today, Satisfries have “30 percent less fat and 20 percent fewer calories than BK’s current fries. (And 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than McDonald’s fries.)” They also have a rocking hashtag. Released on Tuesday, #Satisfried was tending almost immediately. One Twitter user chirped, “Whoever came up with the term #Satisfried is a genius. A genius, I say.” Others used #Satisfried to talk about the hazards of fried foods while others employed the hashtag to profess their love for Burger King. The hashtag effortlessly transitioned from marketing to conversational piece, which is what every Twitter marketer hopes for.

Yet Burger King wasn’t just content with a great hashtag. In celebration of #Satisfries, the company got chatty with Twitter followers who used the tag, posted tons of photos of the product, answered questions about Satisfries from the Twitterverse and generally played every Twitter card in the book in hopes of getting people excited. The long-term popularity of the product is impossible to predict at this early stage, but we think Burger King’s efforts are paying off. Food bloggers are already praising the product and the media frenzy continues to rage on. 

Readers, what promoted Twitter hashtags have you found to be particularly clever and which ones are less than appetizing? And while we’re at it, will you try Satisfries?

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