Twice as Nice: Is Multi-blogging Right for You?

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When it comes to corporate blog creation, lately we’ve been seeing double. Or even triple. Many brands are finding that just one blog simply won’t suffice when it comes to talking about all the amazing things their business does. For companies with lots of little niches or several imprints and subdivisions, multiple blogs are an easy fix. A number of blogs can lighten the load for a primary blog while providing specialized topics and information. So when do you know if one blog isn’t enough?

A good, first question to ask yourself when considering multiple blogs is an easy one: Is my current blog successful? If you answered “yes,” then congratulations! You clearly have a well-read blog that could perhaps support spin-off blog that covers additional topics that just won’t fit in your current already jam-packed blog. But keep this in mind before you start spreading your blog love around: In order for your new blogs to be successful, they will require the same hard work, great content and diligent marketing that made your original blog so successful.

Next it’s probably best to figure out what your new blogs are going to cover. Multiple blogs from the same business can be great if they each have their own voice and specific areas of expertise. Readers are not going to come back to read the same information they already read on another blog. So pick topics from your corporate cannon that might not always get a chance to shine in your current blog. Also, multiple blogs can be great for limited campaigns and promotions, covering updates in company policies and new products. Whatever you use your new blogs for, make sure the SEO keywords and strategies from your original blog stay pretty much the same. Clearly your keywords are helping audiences find your blog, so you want to hang on to them for your new blogs, too. Consistent keywords, thorough SEO and solid blog content management, will help your new blogs achieve the same success as your first blogging blockbuster.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to add new voices to your multiple blogs. Different perspectives not only make for more dynamic content but prevent you from suffering a blogging burnout.

If you have plenty to say and a solid blogging practice already in place, why not give multi-blogging a try? Your blogging empire awaits!

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