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We admit it. We’re still Twitter obsessed. Apparently everybody else still is, too. This week saw a flurry of tweet-tinged stories, so we’ve devoted our 5 Things You Might Have Missed list entirely to all things Twitter. So without any further clucking, let’s shake a tail feather and get to listin’!

1.) UnTweeps: It’s a great time of year to do your Twitter cleanse, and part of that regime should be to dump would-be tweeters who haven’t been so active lately. We’re loving UnTweeps for this task. Sure, there are similar things out there, but none is as thorough and speedy as UnTweeps.

2.) ThunderCats, ho!: We were intrigued and delighted to see one of our favorite 80s cartoons trending this week. So imagine our further delight when we heard Warner Brothers (which owns the ‘Cats these days) stirred up the social media buzz to plug the upcoming release of the new ThunderCats cartoon. It’s the kind of brand resurrection only Twitter can do at lightening speed and the blogs and the traditional news soon picked up the story, too.

3.) Tweet Degrees of Separation: “Connections” is the new Twitter feature launched by the site to take the place of the awkward “You Both Follow” section on Twitter. While there’s still some glitches, the feature has improved and is worth taking for a spin just for curiosity’s sake.

4.) Wheat Thins Ambushes Tweeters: This campaign caught our eye earlier this month and resurfaced in blogs this week. Wheat Thins is turning the tables on folks who talked smack about its cracker on Twitter and Facebook. The results are as innovative as they are funny.

5.) State of the Union Address: Like most national news events that could use a good dose of positive buzz, the State of the Union address went directly to Twitter when the broadcast was over. White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer received Tweets about the economy, healthcare and other issues before the address. Post-speech, the White House posted candid pics from the event on Twitter, proving once again the little bird is the one to turn to for late-breaking news.


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