Tweeting is a Two-way Street

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Twitter marketing in 2012 is a whole new animal. The ever-popular platform is growing in all kinds of crazy directions. Just last week, Twitter announced its foray into email marketing as it purchased RestEngine with the promise of an email newsletter filled with the best tweets you might have missed. RestEngine is just one in a recent bunch of companies and apps added to make Twitter an even richer experience. With all of these new Twitter advancements, we couldn’t help but notice the one Twitter secret weapon nobody talks about anymore: engagement.

We’ve recently had success with a client on Twitter who has grown their audience and translated tweets into real life sales. We were awestruck and thrilled at the success of the Twitter campaign… mainly because our client did the unthinkable and took tweeting into their own hands. We watched as they chatted back and forth with followers in their area and, before we knew it, they had new loyal customers. We realize that this is the stuff of Twitter lore and that it isn’t the norm. But by simply engaging with their followers, our client was able to meet new paying customers in real life.

So for all of the new Twitter tricks that are available, it’s communicating with our followers and friends that still remains the most powerful tool. Twitter was built for quick, snappy conversations. Just tweeting sales messages or quotes from your favorite author doesn’t cut it on Twitter anymore. Those things are great but in order to make an impact on Twitter, users have to engage. The platform is becoming more social and interactive — and for companies willing to take the time to talk to their followers (like our client), the rewards are very real.

But the success stories don’t just end with clients and sales. We’ve heard tales of Twitter helping people find jobs, new offices and speaking gigs. So, friends, tell us your Twitter marketing success stories in the comments section below!

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