Tweeting at Work on the Rise, New Study Says

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We suspected it all along. You’re on Twitter when you’re supposed to be working! We are, too — but we’re Twitter marketing ninjas, so it’s allowed. As for you, well… you’re totally busted (and totally not alone). A new study reports that Twitter use at work is on the rise, while Facebook use has dropped.

Twitter is quickly becoming the new at-work time killer of choice, according to Palo Alto Networks, a computer-security appliance firm that analyzed Internet traffic at more than 2,036 organizations around the globe between November 2011 and May 2012. Facebook, according to the study, is still the most popular social network for people to use on the job, but maybe not for much longer. Facebook use fell significantly during the six-month time period from 54 percent of total at-work social networking to 37 percent. Twitter, on the other hand, jumped from 11 percent of workday social networking use to an impressive 21 percent. Pinterest and Tumblr also pulled in respectable numbers for at-work usage.

This new study seems to be on par with what social media marketing types have seen firsthand within our industry. The at-work social media user is looking for a more casual relationship with social media and one that doesn’t require all of their personal information. Knowing this, Twitter’s surge in popularity makes perfect sense, since tweeting makes it easier for users and brands alike to achieve a more casual interaction. It’ll be interesting to see how the modern employee’s relationship with social media continues to develop.

Readers, what do you think? Is social media usage at work a big no-no? Or do you think it’s inevitable, so we might as well market to them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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