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If you tweet day-in and day-out, you might feel like your Twitter management routine has gotten a little stale. Admittedly, it is easy to fall into a pattern when scheduling your tweets. Most of us want to use our dashboards, schedule our messages and be done for the week. Alas, to do it justice, Twitter for business needs so much more than that. To get the most out of the platform, we really need to explore new avenues of using it. So in the spirit of shaking things up, we’ve come up with a few simple things you can do to make your Twitter marketing more exciting.

Meet New People: Sure, every social media marketer is guilty of using the mass-friending and follower tools. But to really make social media stick, try going through Twitter’s list of suggested people you should follow. Chances are you’ll find people who are either interested in, work in or own a similar business to yours. New tools like really hunt out tweeters who like the same things you do and therefore are more likely to be interested in what your selling.

Go Live: Dashboards are wonderful things… but for real, live engagement, nothing beats going directly on Twitter. A few times a week, it’s a good idea to add supplemental tweets and get involved in conversations. Why? Because nobody likes a RoboTweeter and socializing and networking can only help your brand.

Read: This sounds like a simple tip but trust us, just tweeting without reading other tweets is the thorn in Twitter’s side. Too many brands and individuals blather endlessly without reading the tweets in their feed, reading blogs that their audience will be interested in or even reading their own tweets before they publish them. Which brings us to our next tip…

Pause: Don’t open your brand up for a Twitter smackdown by tweeting misspelled crazy tweets. Take the 45 seconds to double-check spelling, grammar and facts before you hit that tweet button.

Change the Routine: Don’t think anyone’s noticed that you tweet that exact same thing at the same time week after week? We have. It’s great to tweet links to your blog, but why not tweet links to other parts of your website too? If you’ve never tweeted photos or videos, start. If you don’t tweet news articles, you should. Have great quotes that help you through your day? Share them. If you’ve always tweeted the same way and nothing has changed, it’s time to do something about that. You’re not getting graded on this, so feel free to branch out, experiment and mix it up.

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