Tweet Tales: Using Twitter to Tell Your Brand’s Story

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It’s a common scenario. You start reading on a whim or out of boredom. You hope to be entertained but if not, the commitment level is low. But before you know, it you are sucked in and can’t stopped reading. You find yourself invested in what the author is saying. You’re even checking in daily to see what they’re up to. No, this isn’t a juicy novel or a soap opera, it’s a well-crafted Twitter feed. Twitter for business and Twitter marketing is an incredibly effective and creative avenue for storytelling. The most popular people and companies on Twitter turn their Twitterfeeds into cohesive stories that paint a rich picture. So how can you use Twitter to tell your brand’s story in 140 characters or less?

The most entertaining and readable Twitterfeeds come from accounts with a distinct and memorable voice. So before any Twitter tales get told, a brand needs to decide what they want their voice to be. Do you want to compose helpful, how-to tweets? Do you want your tweets to be funny, interactive or conversational? Are you using Twitter to bring awareness to a cause? Figuring out the how and why of being on Twitter will help you get to what you want to say. The strength of your voice will help you get followers and keep them coming back to see what you and your brand are up to. Taking time to develop a voice before you start tweeting will even make tweeting itself easier and more fun.

Next, think of your tweets as one ongoing conversation. The best and most lively chats are those that are opinionated, engaging to participate in and varied in subject matter. Don’t drone on and on about one thing. Although you want to have a consistent tone, you don’t want to only ramble about one service, product or message. Mix it up by interacting with followers, talking about relevant current events and cracking a few jokes (when appropriate).

Finally, great storytelling keeps readers engaged and interested, so your tweets should do the same. Flat tweets that don’t spark interest are the kind of thing that don’t get forwarded. So tell your brand’s story by tweeting company blogs, photos from recent events and your most recent videos. Unlike novels, the stories on Twitter don’t really end. Keep your brand’s story alive and forever developing by tweeting with consistency, and your followers will keep tuning in.

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