Tweet Nation: Twitter Users Quadruple

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Looking for the right person to handle your company’s Twitter management and Twitter marketing? You’re not alone. It certainly feels like everybody is on Twitter these days and that brands of all sizes are taking tweets very seriously. Now a new report finds that Twitter users have quadrupled over the past two years — all while the company itself is finding new ways to keep users happy while making more money.

According to a survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for the Pew Internet and American Life Project, engagement of users has skyrocketed, with 8 percent of the online adult population now using Twitter on a typical day. The number of adults who tweet on a daily basis has doubled since May 2011. Research suggests that the rise of smartphones helped Twitter explode with users. Like we speculated a little while back, the research found Twitter users are indeed getting younger. More than a quarter of people ages 18-29 use Twitter and 31 percent of Americans ages 18-24 — that’s compared to 14 percent of users aged 30-49 years old.

As a brand, Twitter is on a mission to make tweeting more fun and more profitable than ever before. Over the weekend, Twitter debuted its first television commercial. The spot, which aired during a NASCAR race, showed off a totally new hashtag page feature. The hashtag #NASCAR is shown in the ad to direct Twitter users to a specific page filled with content related to that tag. Twitter clearly is reaching out to brands interested in being part of much-talked-about events like the Olympics. Of course, Twitter stands to grow financially from this new feature, as the hashtag pages are sponsored by big brand cash. In other words, hashtag pages won’t be for just any old hot topic, only for the folks willing to pay for them.

Unlike Facebook, which seems to have hit a plateau with online marketers, Twitter just keeps getting bigger. Brands and individuals really work Twitter and reap the rewards. But let’s hear from you, readers: Is Twitter on the way up or on the way out? Share with us your Twitter triumphs and tragedies in the comments section below!

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