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Moms may not be using Twitter in full force (yet), but the youngsters who use that new fandangled internets probably are. It’s no surprise that moms account for most of the decisions for back to school purchases. If you follow a mom and her tween around in a Target, for example, you’ll notice that while mom is buying, the kid is schooling her on what’s hot and what’s not. The point being that the kids often sway purchases even though mom is the last word. So why not market to them where they live. It’s not wonder that sites like is getting in on the action. According to their press release , “Marketers say the stepped-up social media efforts reflect the fact that the medium is now key to reaching teens, who influence their parents’ purchases.” I browsed a bit and clicked on some deals. For example, I got this one from GAP which was tied into the (RED) campaign . On the site, users rate the “cheapness” of the products. Pretty cool. What I didn’t like about this site is that some of the links sent you to aggregate coupon sites where I got lost in UPC codes. The better links, like the GAP one, took me straight to the deal without a third party getting in the way. But wait, why are we talking about back-to-school when summer is only halfway over. The same reason I’ll soon be blogging about holiday sales next week.

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