Tweet Memories: Twitter’s Archive is Coming Soon

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Twitter marketing has exploded in popularity over the last four years. Every brand, every celebrity and every Joe Schmoe has been happily chirping about current events of any size. So imagine the shock and horror that marketers and Twitter lovers alike experienced last week when it was reported that nearly 30 percent of recorded history on social media simply vanishes. Thankfully, Twitter has come up with a tweet-downloading archive that may help regular tweeters and marketers alike.

According to PCWorld, the new, super tweet archive is set to go live by the end of the year. As hinted during this year’s Online News Association conference in San Francisco, Twitter users will be able to mass-download everything they’ve sent to the platform. Currently, users can save their tweets using third-party software, but only up to 3,200 tweets. Twitter has come up with new virtual storage to help users hang onto endless amounts of 140-character musings.

“Twitter will also soon unveil a tool that will allow users to manually curate and display tweets related to breaking news or other current events — and, as part of these ‘Tweet Boxes,’ users will also be able to add in additional live-feed elements to supplement a site or piece of news,” PCWorld writes. “For example, one could use a Tweet Box to add a real-time live poll for a sporting event — like, say, having users Tweet their selection of MVP for a particular match-up, with Twitter using its platform to count down the seconds remaining in the popular voting process.”

What does the promise of better tweet archiving mean for marketers? Mainly, Twitter analysis will get a whole lot easier. Instead of combing a client’s account, all tweets will be stored in one place. Also, marketers now have the potential to curate Twitter portfolios for their clients. Old tweets and campaigns can be pulled up faster for reference. Lastly, a Twitter archive might in time become a helpful virtual “trend museum” of sorts. Marketers might have a chance to learn about which tweet trends worked, which ones failed and how to Tweet better in the future.

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