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We all heart Twitter and the instant connection it gives us to our clients, friends and other followers. Yet the “Twitterverse” has gotten crowded lately with new apps, ideas and tools being pushed out and blogged about at the speed of light. Lucky for you, dear readers, we here at Brandsplat have dug through the latest in Twitter topics to find some nifty techniques you may want to integrate into your Twitter and social media marketing plan.

Fast Follow: Launched on August 10th and blogged about ever since, Fast Follow is the Twitter tip on everybody’s lips. But just what is it? Fast Follow is a free tool from the social media giant that taps into the mainline of Twitter/SMS text messaging. Tweet marketers can now text something like “follow peachmahoney” to 40404 and that person’s or brand’s tweets then will be delivered via text message – no Twitter account necessary. Fast Follow is truly worthy of all the chirping as it blasts the doors open to reach a much bigger audience. Even as an avid Tweeter, I’ve just started using Fast Follow and now can’t imagine life without it.

Tweaking Twitter Contests: Many Tweet marketers thought the disastrous Air France Twitter contest would be the end of the promotion as we know it; alas, hungry tweeps haven’t given up on contests and either should marketers. Contests of any kind need to be simple to enter, clearly defined and watched like a hawk. By posting contests regularly stamped with a time limit, marketers can avoid a hot mess of “But I tweeted first!” responses from angry consumers. Also, focusing the contests based on your products and services keeps the conversation about your business (which is kind of the whole point).

LinkedIn & Tweets App: Another must according to the folks in the know, Tweets App was given an overhaul this spring to easily connect LinkedIn users with new tweeps to follow. Tweets App works as a social butterfly and introduces you to folks in your industry to follow based on your current LinkedIn connections. Tweets App is the kind of like-industry back scratching Twitter marketing was built on and the best part is the app does all of the work for you.

Those are three of our favorite Twitter tips, and now you should give us some of yours. It’s only fair, after all. Enlighten us, Twitter gurus, in the comments below!

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