TV commercials more persuasive. Banner ads more not.

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According to a recent Business Wire post a recent survey of 2,521 people was conducted by Adweek Media and Harris Interactive that suggests television ads were more helpful in making purchase decisions than other forms of media like newspapers, radio, search engines and banner ads. What? You mean traditional forms of media are more helpful in making a purchase decision than that newfangled internet all the kids are using? According to this poll, yes. Could this be because people go to their computers for different reasons than they do their televisions? In days of old, people went to their computers for business reasons or to craft a report. It’s been just recently that people have been going to their computers for watching SNL videos, tweeting and playing World Of Warcraft. But we have always gone to our beloved television sets expecting television commercials. Heck, commercials are even part of the draw during the biggest event on television: the Super Bowl. The point is, we expect television to entertain us AND to tell us what a Hemi is so we can be informed when we buy our next car or truck. By contrast, we expect the Internet to be this wonderful place where you can be entertained, informed, inspired, linked-in etc., all whilst not being influenced by advertising. I don’t know about you, but I think ads get in the way on the Internet. They are like small nuisances that pop up and can be easily ignored once you train your eye to do so. And by the way, guess which type of ads pollsters said they ignored most? You guessed it, banner ads.

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