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Facebook marketing is now more than just about running contests or posting new products. Businesses big and small are using their Facebook pages in a variety of ways to help consumers find them on the crowded web. When talking about a new restaurant with some friends, I saw firsthand how Facebook really serves as a liaison between brands and consumers. After describing the menu and the part of town it’s in, one of my friends wondered if they were open on Sunday and then said, “I’ll just look them up on Facebook.” We’re now using Facebook not just to keep in touch with friends, but to organize our events and help us discover new things. So, as social media experts, we have a few helpful hints to turn your page into a hub of information your followers are clamoring for. 

It sounds crazy, but you would be surprised how many companies forget to put the vitals on their Facebook page. Things like hours, the telephone number, address and website often get left off Facebook pages by some of the biggest companies. These basics should be on your page so people like my friend can find out where you are and what your hours are. Another basic vital for finding your company on Facebook is making sure your business is listed in the right category. Leaving off your category (i.e. resturant, shopping, arts and entertainment, etc.) not only makes it hard for folks to figure out what it is you do, but it also sinks you in Facebook’s search engine. 

Beyond the basics, using Facebook as your hub of information requires constantly updating. Alert your Facebook page audience to the restocking of a favorite menu item, entice them with pictures of newly-arrived shoes or inform them about an upcoming remodel — these are all things that make for great updates. By simply posting as things come, your page is infinitely more useful than those that blather for no good reason. As a busy hub for information on your brand, Facebook pages become incredibly useful for both brands and followers. If followers can rely on your Facebook page to provide the latest products, new hours or location changes, you have elevated your Facebook page from mere marketing to a resource consumers will look to again and again.

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