Traditional Advertising Techniques Worth Hanging On To

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As traditional media continues to take a hit and online marketing booms, we’re faced with questions: Do we dump old skool advertising altogether or should we hold onto some of the tried and true techniques that have worked in the past? I say slow your roll, cowboy. There are a few trusted vintage forms of traditional advertising that still hold water today and yield decent results.

Community newspapers and newsletters, for example, are still an effective avenue to bring in local customers and clients. The homegrown press has experienced resurgence lately. Landing a profile of your business that will be read by your neighborhood clients is far easier than nabbing a four-page spread in The New York Times. Story pitches to indie publications lack the pomp and rejection often attached to publishing giants. These freebies, which pop up on the porches all over the country, are also good places to run traditional advertisements. The ads are low-cost and low-risk; plus, many businesses experience immediate results by offering coupons in their ads to rope in the locals.

And for the love of the marketing gods, DO NOT ditch your involvement in pet projects and causes! Partnering with a local non-profit is a PR and advertising goldmine that will never go out of style. Sponsoring the local school’s silent auction or donating goods and services to a cause close to your company’s heart remains a great way to attract customers who like to patronize the good guys. Another plus: Community partnership goes hand in hand with social media marketing where publicizing your good deeds has never been easier.

And please don’t give up on radio and TV advertising just yet. Spending big bucks on radio ads or TV spots is just silly if you are a small enterprize, but you can still cleverly get your products or company on the air without a lot of hassle. Investigating your local public radio and television options is a good way to get a media mention without breaking the bank. Again, it ties into helping out the community and supporting local broadcasting – and the best part is that it’s really cheap! Watchers and listeners of public broadcasting know that companies are being plugged around the clock for supporting various programs.

Now it’s your turn to tell us, marketing mavens. Are you still using any traditional marketing techniques? Is there more to marketing than social media? And while you’re at it, tell us about some advertising innovations that have rocked your world in the comments section.

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