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Let’s face it, we live in very self-congratulatory times. Anytime a company or a celebrity does anything worth note, it is instantly touted, tweeted about and championed. From Lady Gaga to John Stewart and anybody named Kardashian; it’s become customary to tell planet Earth how much you rule. Yet as tiresome as the whole “pat yourself on the back just for being awesome” routine is, it is something for small businesses to think about. After all, neighborhood joints should be, in fact, celebrated for staying alive, thriving and growing. And thankfully, the online PR machine and tools of social media marketing are available to everybody.

Here are 3 of our favorite ways to pat your company on the back:

Tweet Me Right – While tweeting each time you buy a pumpkin muffin may be compelling, let’s reign in our Twitter usage to provide great PR for our businesses. Twitter is a fantastic tool for breaking news about company accomplishments. Record sales, hot new services and products, links to positive reviews and feedback can be instantly tweeted to your followers. It sure beats the old press release mill and can be updated quickly and regularly.

Be a Facebook Hero – Having success with a recycling project? Partnering with a local school to raise money? Donating goods to a benefit auction? Then, by all means, you should celebrate by adding a new tab to your Facebook page. Call it “Giving Back,” “Pet Projects,” “Causes We love” – whatever. New tabs to your pages take literally minutes to create. Fill them with photos, links to your press coverage and information on how to get involved. Also, Facebook pages are great places to tout awards and accolades. Remember, Facebook is the one place where outward narcissism and egotism are totally acceptable – so use it to your advantage.

Write About You – If you can’t get profiled in your local paper, don’t worry. Articles about your business and all of its radness now can be created by you, distributed by you or someone else and marketed by you. Again, the iron gate of media penetration has been knocked over. Article marketing stories that relate to your business and field can take full advantage of the new freedom. Article marketing also is another nifty addition to your SEO master plan.

So get out there and tell the world how amazing your business is!

(And not to toot our own horn, but if you need help with any of the above tips, contact one of the nice people here at Brandsplat today.)

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