Today’s Secret Word is “Blogging”

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As we update our company’s Facebook page and tweet our days away, it is easy to neglect our blogs. After all, blogs have been around forever and they can easily slip to the bottom of our online branding and social media marketing priority lists. There are bigger, trendier digital fish to fry. Yet blogs are still being read, forwarded and passed. Blogs remain an instant and easy way to re-launch our brands. I was reminded of this recently by an unlikely personality – Pee Wee Herman.

Yesterday, Herman launched his first-ever Huffington Post blog. Herman is a cult icon; though his checkered past helped get his popular Saturday morning show cancelled, he’s still a brand – and, seemingly, a brand on the road to a comeback. His blog at HuffPo is the humorous kind of fodder you’d expect from the originator of dork chic. The requisite “Pee Wee speak” followed by a Funny or Die viral video are all included in his blog adventure. Yet right at the bottom of his post is a funny and shameless plug for his upcoming stint on Broadway. So while there is still no basement in The Alamo, there is still marketing moxie left in the world of blogging.

What Herman and others have tapped into is the power of forwards and links. The moment his blog appeared, postings at announcing its arrival showed up on the Herman message boards. His official Facebook page announced his blog’s arrival to his 100,000+ fans (and, naturally, Herman tweeted about his blog, too). And, like clockwork, his blog ended up in Google newsfeeds and at the top of search engine lists.

Today’s online marketing calls for blogs to be put into action in social media while taking on the task of expanding a brand. In short, we don’t have to be loners or rebels to get our blogs noticed. We just have to be persistent and creative.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and produce blogs filled with the language of our brand. Let’s use every available social media outlet to market our blogs, too. And tell ’em Large Marge sent ya!

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