To twine is sublime.

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Getting and storing information that you find on the web can be a juggling act. Learning how to search for what I want on Google and Yahoo has become part art and part science. But recently I have come across a bookmarking service called twine ( that is what fast company is calling “Red Hot”. Twine is a new-tracking tool that learns what you’re interests are the more you use it. It’s a mix between syntactic search (words) and semantic search (the meaning of the word being searched) to create a richer, more human experience. According to the Twine website, “Twine is a new way to collect content and connect with people who share your interests. Use Twine to track, find, and share what interests you. Twine ties it all together by topic, so you can have it in one place.”

Some are calling this the way of web 3.0 (I can barely keep up. I’m still stumbling through web 2.0.) in which tools like search engines and news-bookmarking services work on search word level and search meaning level. Web 3.0 will make searching for what you want a little bit easier. You gotta love that.

Enzo F. Cesario

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