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Online branding and a strong digital presence are on the top of every businesses marketing wish list. We’ve seen companies fail or flourish over the last decade because of their ability – or lack thereof – to tap into the digital world.

NBC, a channel which has taken more hits lately than “Sugar” Shane Mosley, is hoping to turn things around with an aggressive digital campaign aimed at creating positive buzz. The network has struck an exclusive deal with Microsoft Advertising covering two dozen massive digital platforms to get the word out about its upcoming fall season. Set to launch on Monday and run until the middle of September, NBC is breaking ground for promoting a fall season this early and for a record length of time. Xbox, Wii and MSN all will feature promos for NBC’s new round of shows, hoping to bring in audiences. The partnership will reach out to gamers with tailor-made content aimed at those participating in live play in addition to a strong social media campaign aimed at luring in younger television fanatics.

This campaign by NBC says a lot about the importance of strong digital branding. The network is taking drastic measures to turn the tides of Leno-gate. Reaching out through multiple online channels tells the world that NBC may have been knocked down but it’s far from out of the game. Does a newfound commitment to digital marketing mean that millions suddenly will be watching shows like Mercy or Parks and Recreation? Um, no, but it’s definitely a step in the right driection.

With spending for online advertising recently reaching a record-breaking $5.9 billion in one quarter, every business must be hopping aboard the online marketing game. But let’s hear from you, readers: How has online branding helped your business? Who’s in need of a digital makeover before they become a punching bag?

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