The Wearable, Durable Facebook Presence of Levi’s

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Facebook marketing takes a special touch these days. As news continues to roll in about Facebook’s Wall Street disasters and more and more brands are phoning in content for their pages, it’s tempting to ditch the platform entirely and focus online marketing efforts elsewhere. We say, slow your roll. There are still some brands doing some innovative marketing on Facebook. Levi’s, makers of denim and apparel for a few hundred years, is one brand keeping Facebook content fresh, interesting and inspiring.

Levi’s is no stranger to receiving kudos for its marketing efforts. From traditional television commercials to digital engagement, Levi’s stays ahead of the pack by reinventing marketing platforms and bending the rules. A quick glance at Levi’s Facebook page, with its some 13 million “likes”, confirms the company isn’t content playing it safe here either. Social media, thanks in large part to powerhouses like Pinterest and Tumblr, has become decidedly more visual and Levi’s seems to be delighting in this trend. The Facebook page is filled with great photos of Levi’s hottest new styles. The brand is obviously hip to the fact that mom and her friends are the ones who spend the most time on Facebook, so using the page to market a skateboard apparel line and back to school looks is a wise move, indeed.

Levi’s is another company using great visual posts to stimulate talk among fans. Each post has hundreds of comments and Levi’s invites opinions from Facebook friends. Some photos get fashionistas really talking, like these pinstriped jeans. Some 650 folks weighed in as to whether the jeans were hot or not with comments ranging from “WTF?” to “boss!” For Levi’s, comments mean folks are reading and responding to posts, which is the kind of gold marketers are always searching for. Levi’s stays on trend here by pumping out photo-heavy posts and leaving the text for other platforms.

Levi’s proves that yes, the way we used to market for Facebook is over. Followers want dynamic, visually-rich content that inspires conversation. Levi’s gives Facebook users a reason to visit its page. And we think this should inspire other brands to rethink, reinvent the way they do Facebook.

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